About Our Company

Our Committment:

To constantly pursue new and innovative technology solutions in order to achieve mutual success with our customers, vendors and contractors. ASI employees are committed to achieving success in the ever changing and challenging world of computerized technology. We place great value on continuous discovery and learning in order to improve our engineering solutions each and every day.

Your organization deserves timely and reliable service that is also professional, courteous, and easy to obtain. We provide you with the information and tools you need to make operative and strategic decisions for your corporate technology. Our IT consulting is aimed at building an optimized information technology infrastructure with the tools that meet the needs of today's enterprise. With over 100 years of combined experience, our specialists at ASI have gained the wide experience and practical skills that you can count on for professional advice on IT selection and direction.

As your technology consultant, we focus on your immediate need with an eye on the future. We partner with your existing staff and vendors to form a team that will assess your IT needs now, and strategically plan for your company's future. We will help you maximize your IT budget, implement your security, build your WISP, and put the technology in place that will give your company the competitive edge that it needs in the marketplace.

Our Philosophy:

ASI maintains the belief that only experienced certified professionals should work on your computer network. We believe that certified professionals have a better understanding of advanced technologies and are better qualified to propose more modern and cost effective solutions for your organization. A certified professional has demonstrated a high degree of product knowledge as well as the ability to integrate, support, and troubleshoot. Therefore, our engineers continually engage in training and recertification programs to keep their skills current on all the platforms we support.

Our Team


Phone: (413) 230-5010 x501
Email: dblaser@asiopen.com

Andrew Bialock MCP, CNA, CNE, CLA, CLP, NCA ES, SCO Master ACE

Phone: (413) 230-5010 x500
Email: abialock@asiopen.com

Grace Edwards Network Solutions Consultant

Phone: (413) 230-5010 x504
Email: gedwards@asiopen.com

Tim Wessels, CNE, CNA, CCA Certifed Novell Engineer

Phone: (978) 413-0201
Email: twessels@asiopen.com

Alex Temkin, CNE, MCP Technical Consultant
Network Solutions

Phone: (413) 230-5010 x512
Email: atemkin@asiopen.com

Michele Bialock Office Manager

Phone: (413) 230-5010 x511
Email: mbialock@asiopen.com